Laser Pendulum

September 26-28, 2008
Site Installation
Under The Bridge Festival 2008
New York City, USA

In collaboration with: Bruno Billio

Two green argon lasers were suspended from two fibrous mohair strings, so that the laser beams aligned with the strings. The effect of this combination caused all the protruding fibers of the string to become brilliantly illuminated. The string was colored using true florescent pink dye, which caused changes in the wavelength of the emitted light resulting in a array of colors including yellow, orange and red.

Working in collaboration with Bruno Billio, we devised a fun and exciting way to ‘touch’ and play with laser lights. The installation was a highly sensory experience, drawing on people’s curiosity and natural attraction to light. Intended to be an interactive and exploratory piece, festival audiences were welcome to touch and play with the pendulum.

Installed within a dimly lit loading dock in D.U.M.B.O, New York City, the darkness concealed the visibility of the string, thus creating the illusion of ‘touching’ light – a surreal experience that would otherwise be impossible.